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Caveat emptor - why investigations expertise seals the M&A deal

M&A legal due diligence - anti-corruption, anti-money laundering, sanctions, and criminal and regulatory risk - is now an integral feature of corporate transactions, and its importance only increases as governments and international regulators expand ...

14 Feb 2014 | 13:26


inner image The Amanda Knox case and the politics of extradition law

In this article, first published on the Halsbury's Law Exchange blog, Merry Neal breaks down the latest developments in the increasingly complex Amanda Knox case

10 Feb 2014 | 15:55

inner image CC - change ninjas? How the magic circle firm is shaking up its work processes

'Applying Continuous Improvement to high-end legal services' is Clifford Chance's (CC's) white paper on the application of lean and Six Sigma techniques to their business. Black belt naffery aside (yikes, the Six Sigma ninjas will be out to improve me...

04 Feb 2014 | 17:22

content image

Things you’re not told about going in-house (but ought to know)

Ed Green was seconded to ASOS.com in the final seat of his training contract at Dechert, and knew within about a week that being in-house was too much fun to let such a chance slip. After qualifying into the legal department at ASOS he spent three yea...

30 Jan 2014 | 09:10

content image

He said, she said - can 'he' truly be gender neutral in legal language?

In this article, first published on the Halsbury's Law Exchange blog, Matthew Seys-Llewellyn looks at a recent debate over the use of personal pronouns and when a "he" is also a "she" as a matter of law

27 Jan 2014 | 20:57

content image

The conveyor belt problem - why lawyers need to work smarter, not harder

"The problem with being a lawyer is that lawyering is a time-intensive activity. By the time you've dealt properly with one piece of work that fell off the conveyor belt, several more pieces of work have landed around your feet. How do lawyers deal w...

22 Jan 2014 | 10:12

content image

Higher power - how apprenticeships are opening up the legal sector

In December, the Government confirmed £40m of funding for 20,000 Higher Apprenticeships in the next two years. Jason Holt, a former solicitor and now the Government's apprenticeship ambassador for small businesses, outlines how law firms are using th...

21 Jan 2014 | 11:30

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'Truly extraordinary' Excalibur case raises conduct concerns for Clifford Chance

Lord Justice Christopher Clarke's cost judgment in Excalibur Ventures v Texas Keystone and others [2013] is out. To precis the most interesting points, the implication of the judgment is that Clifford Chance (CC) has, for its clients:

16 Jan 2014 | 11:31

content image

The president and the actress - what are Hollande's legal options over affair claims?

"It is no longer a rumour, just the truth. For the past six months, Francois Hollande has been meeting the actress, Julie Gayet, in her second home, nestled in a street adjacent to the Elysee." So began the seven-page exclusive published by the notori...

15 Jan 2014 | 10:17

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Playing a blinder - can CC overcome Oxbridge bias with CV blind policy?

The Independent reports today that Clifford Chance (CC) has "quietly introduced a "CV blind" policy for final interviews with all would-be recruits," to overcome Oxbridge bias. There are lots of interesting questions to ask about this. Why quietly?...

10 Jan 2014 | 10:37

content image

Are tweets protected by copyright?

Are tweets protected by copyright? Well, it would seem that under EU law - or rather CJEU understanding of EU law - the answer should be in the affirmative. In its 2009 decision in Infopaq, the court found that copyright may subsist in a text extract ...

10 Jan 2014 | 10:13

content image

6 January 2014 – the day the Bar came together to fight for justice

On Monday 6 January the criminal Bar staged a mass walk-out. Up and down the country barristers, solicitors and members of the public campaigned outside Magistrates' Courts and Crown Courts against the proposed legal aid cuts. Cuts that will cripple t...

08 Jan 2014 | 15:45

content image

Witness protection - why Nigella Lawson is not a victim of the criminal justice system

In this article, first published on the Halsbury's Law Exchange blog, Felicity Gerry argues that Nigella Lawson's recent treatment in the trial of her former personal assistants illustrates an equality we should applaud

07 Jan 2014 | 14:40

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Thatcher, the army and the miner's strike - the legal powers to take action

Thirty years have elapsed since the Miners' Strike of 1984-85. The Guardian recently reported that Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher requested plans to be prepared for the use of troops to move coal to power stations. The article states that Thatcher "...

07 Jan 2014 | 10:00

content image

The great fixed fee debate - the lawyer's argument

"If clients truly want to see the end of hourly rates and lawyers to embrace the idea of pricing certainty, they need to come to terms with what lawyers need in return..."

02 Jan 2014 | 09:54




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