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The secret trial controversy - how open will this newly opened justice be?

As the dust settles after last week's Court of Appeal decision on whether a terrorism trial can be held in secret, there continue to be more questions than answers about what we know and what we will know.

16 Jun 2014 | 14:35


inner image Not much like fair play - FIFA's catenaccio on World Cup intellectual property

With less than 36 hours to go before the FIFA World Cup's kick-off, a focus on the intellectual property (IP) related aspects of the event is in order...

11 Jun 2014 | 11:06

inner image Why old school attitudes to technology are hitting law firm profitability

Neil Cameron explains why an outdated approach to IT means a waste of time for lawyers and a waste of money for clients...

04 Jun 2014 | 12:31

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Election day selfies - a criminal offence?

Dan Bunting looks at whether a 'selfie' in the voting booth could constitute a criminal offence...

23 May 2014 | 11:20

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The 'right to be forgotten' case - Google right this time, ECJ hopelessly wrong

Neil Cameron takes a sceptical look at the ruling in the Google 'right to be forgotten' case

22 May 2014 | 17:18

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Not so safe harbor - Microsoft and the data protection dilemma

On Friday 25 April 2014, in a New York Federal Court judgment In The Matter of a Warrant to Search a Certain Email Account Controlled by Microsoft Corporation, Judge James C Francis IV has blown apart what many of us have suspected for some time never...

20 May 2014 | 16:29

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David Moyes' sacking from Man Utd - what are his legal rights and options?

John Mehrzad sets out, from a legal perspective, what will happen next for David Moyes, who was this week sacked after just 51 games as manager of Manchester United...

25 Apr 2014 | 10:50

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Paul Weller and the Mail Online privacy claim - paparazzi, beware

On 16 April, Mr Justice Dingemans in the Queen’s Bench Division handed down judgment in Wellers & Ors v Associated Newspapers Limited [2014] EWHC 1163 (QB), awarding Paul Weller’s three children a total of £10,000 damages for misuse of private in...

22 Apr 2014 | 14:24

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Public and private law wrongs are not the same - the SFO and the multimillion-pound Tchenguiz claim

The judgment in Tchenguiz v Director of the Serious Fraud Office is a neat illustration of how important it is to keep the concepts of public law and private law unlawfulness separate...

17 Apr 2014 | 10:49

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Cross-border justice - the pro bono service supporting British citizens abroad

When a British citizen becomes a victim of serious crime abroad, do they have a fair crack at justice? The reality is that most of them don't.

16 Apr 2014 | 17:18

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The Nigel Evans case - justice has been done, but at a cost

Nigel Evans is not guilty of the offences he was charged with. I’m pleased for him...

15 Apr 2014 | 14:22

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Mr Grayling: why he’s wrong about replacing the Human Rights Act

In this article, first published on the Halsbury's Law Exchange blog, Stephen Hockman QC questions Justice Secretary Chris Grayling's plans to replace the Human Rights Act

08 Apr 2014 | 16:27

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A&O and the collapsed SFO corruption case: blame the lawyers, but which ones?

The FT has reported that two A&O lawyers have avoided being referred to the Attorney General’s office for an investigation into whether they had committed a contempt of court.

27 Mar 2014 | 16:31

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Seven-year itch: billion-dollar YouTube-Viacom dispute settles, lawyers despair

Seven years seems to be the optimum time it takes before content owners and service providers get tired of intellectual property (IP) litigation and settle. And, boy, is 2014 the year they are settling.

26 Mar 2014 | 09:54

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The Oscar Pistorius murder trial - the little-reported legal questions

In this article, first published on the Halsbury's Law Exchange blog, Felicity Gerry looks at the legal background to the high-profile muder trial of South African 'Blade Runner' Olympian Oscar Pistorious

13 Mar 2014 | 13:59