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Fluxed – it’s gonna be a bumpy 2012

I must confess that when Friederike, the Legal Week reporter who covers Linklaters, told me a few weeks back that she was working on a story about the firm launching another partnership restructuring, my pundit powers had utterly failed me - I hadn't ...

15 Dec 2011 | 15:02


inner image Who rules? The simple question that still defines the global legal industry

This blog isn't really my opinion on Herbert Smith - I'm keeping my powder dry for a little longer on that one - but this week's effective break-up of the City firm's merger hopes and European alliance does illustrate a factor that has been hugely on ...

25 Nov 2011 | 10:30

inner image If judges don’t want to get involved in politics, maybe they should stop giving speeches

Alex Novarese asks whether judges should go beyond their role of applying the law and get involved in politics...

11 Nov 2011 | 13:56

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Finishing the job at DLA - what Tony did next

"Angel's appointment appears a significant milestone for the legal industry in terms of modern management and will test whether this kind of appointment can work in law firm land" - Alex Novarese on what Tony Angel will bring to the table at DLA...

28 Oct 2011 | 12:10

content image

Law Firm of the Year 2011 – the whys and wherefores

Legal Week remains somewhat arms-length from its own awards ceremony, the British Legal Awards. That's mainly because the awards have an independent judging panel - and a very high quality one at that - with the aim being to avoid the event turning in...

14 Oct 2011 | 13:49

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The things that keep fees high (and the things that don't)

What makes City law firms cost as much as they do? As the heated debate generated by FT GC Tim Bratton's recent blog illustrates, it's a familiar topic. The usual suspects put forward include partner profits, hourly billing, associate salaries, the me...

07 Oct 2011 | 17:20

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Last chance to target Lib Dems on legal aid cuts...

Cards on the table - unlike a fair number of lawyers, I don't see how you can make the case that legal aid can avoid cuts at a time of hugely strained public finances. On balance, there is also something to the Government's argument that legal aid ...

21 Sep 2011 | 13:09

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Law firms must help people... as long as they don't help the wrong people

There's only one thing that gets law firms more flak than not bothering to do anything to tackle entrenched social issues or the personal cost their businesses demand of their staff. And that's law firms bothering to do something to tackle etc, etc......

16 Sep 2011 | 17:10

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'Evolve or die', and other puff about law firms and social media

Belief can be a wonderful thing, but it can play havoc with your judgement. Take social media, a phenomenon that is changing the face of global communication in a way that largely speaks for itself. But is it changing the world of business, or legal s...

01 Sep 2011 | 17:24

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The legal profession's dirty secret... it's still a profession

In many minds it was decided years ago that the legal profession is that only in name, having long since abandoned professional status in any meaningful sense to become a business. The reasons for this conclusion are so obvious - expansion, financial ...

01 Aug 2011 | 12:32

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The Screws no more – how dumb does that privacy 'debate' look now?

While I make no pretence to be an authority on the tabloid media, the escalating events of this week that culminated in the shock closure of the News of the World (NoW) do say much about an area I know a little more about: the collision between the la...

08 Jul 2011 | 11:33

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SNR Denton – careful what you didn't wish for

It's an irony that as SNR Denton faces a tough post-merger period, a fair number of partners seeking to explain the firm's struggles have sought to pin the blame on Denton Wilde Sapte's previous management. The argument goes that the UK firm persis...

01 Jul 2011 | 17:18

content image

Clyde & Gilbert – some initial thoughts

United merging with City? Microsoft with Apple? Linklaters with Freshfields? That, in City insurance terms, is pretty much what you've got with the news exclusively revealed on legalweek.com today that Clyde & Co and Barlow Lyde & Gilbert are in merge...

03 Jun 2011 | 17:01

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Hard work without meaning is a prison – does City law pass the Gladwell test?

Recording a podcast recently, one of my hosts, the media lawyer and writer David Allen Green, argued that City law is intellectually humdrum. The gist was that much commercial practice is vapid and repetitive and that City law is a club that sucks up ...

27 May 2011 | 11:58

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Libel reform – a hack's proposal

What better way to relax after a hard week's sweating over an extended focus on libel and privacy law than listening to The Guardian's editor give a lecture on libel reform? A minor streak of obsession with the topic had set in by the time I sat down ...

13 May 2011 | 13:06