Recruitment and Staffing

  • Legal Depts. Ask Firms for Diversity, Make Efforts In-House

    As corporate legal departments push for increased diversity in the outside counsel they hire, many departments are mirroring those efforts in-house, working with a national organization that provides training and education to minority attorneys through several programs.

    David Ruiz |April 06, 2017
  • Report: Build or Buy? The Evolution of Law Department Sourcing

    Are law departments insourcing more than they are outsourcing? Are they open to non-law-firm service providers? Has there been a race to the bottom on legal costs? And, much more fundamentally, are law departments innovating on pace with their peers, and are law firms developing a better understanding of what the client wants?

    Daniella Isaacson, Esq., Senior Analyst, ALM Intelligence |February 06, 2017