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Back on the front line – the partners swapping management for fee earning

When former Ashurst senior partner Charlie Geffen was defeated in last year's chairman election by litigator Ben Tidswell, his most obvious next move in many people's minds would have been gracefully side-stepping into a role with a client.

30 Oct 2014 | 00:37 | secure


Revenue v profitability growth – the impact of a changing market focus on law firms

In response to turbulent times, the legal market has shifted its focus to profitability as the primary measure of success

30 Oct 2014 | 00:31 | secure


Dealmaker: Linklaters M&A partner Owen Clay

The Linklaters M&A partner on being stranded in Turkmenistan, odd client requests and his love of Laurel and Hardy

23 Oct 2014 | 16:55 | secure


BLP's blip – after a few troubled years, the firm needs strong leadership to get back on track

As a general rule of thumb making mergers work and repositioning law firms are not particularly speedy processes.

23 Oct 2014 | 12:11 | secure


Teenage dreams – why 13 years after its creation Berwin Leighton Paisner needs to re-find its form

Having enjoyed enormous success in the wake of its 2001 merger, over the last few years Berwin Leighton Paisner has been plagued by tumbling profits and a raft of high-profile partner exits. Pui-Guan Man finds out whether the firm's new strategic visi...

23 Oct 2014 | 00:20 | secure

looking up into the clouds between buildings in the City of London

Increasingly demanding banking clients prompt firms to rethink value of pursuing panel spots

"Nowhere near as demanding as Barclays," is how one partner involved describes the process of tendering for Lloyds Banking Group's revised panel. The comment highlights the increasing scrutiny law firms are giving to the merits of chasing bank panel p...

22 Oct 2014 | 17:37 | secure


Out of the shadows – the growing number of law firms entering the direct lending market

With bank lending constrained, the finance practices of major law firms have had to look elsewhere to find the credit providers doing the deals. Alex Newman speaks to some of the lawyers making inroads into the direct lending market, and asks how thes...

22 Oct 2014 | 00:15 | secure


Not just ‘big for the sake of it’ – TLT’s David Pester on the next steps for the top 50’s newest firm

David Pester, managing partner of TLT Solicitors, has the air of a man who's got it all figured out. Since 2000, the firm's revenues have grown nearly six-fold, rising from a humble £10m to finally break into Legal Week's top 50 rankings this year wi...

21 Oct 2014 | 00:48 | secure


Stepping in – a group of leading firms explain the thinking behind their new pro bono initiative

National Pro Bono Week, which kicks off on 3 November, provides solicitors with an annual reminder of the potential impact of the legal profession outside of normal fee-earning.

21 Oct 2014 | 00:37 | secure


Beyond legal – a group of senior in-house lawyers discuss how GCs can take on responsibilities outside of pure legal work

In-house lawyers and their departments may be under more pressure than ever but the time has never been better for the group to look beyond pure legal work and play a wider role within business.

16 Oct 2014 | 16:08 | secure

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